A Week For Love In December

Artwork by V. Vaveikin, on Etsy, by LanaPicArt / Svetlana Vaveikin — https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/893336520/original-oil-painting-of-clementinesfine

May the holidays refresh you and make you smile a lot.

Use this time on what you need: a lucky break from routines, the opportunity to spend time on something that restores you or with good people, to observe the sacred in the land (post solstice), in the collective consciousness (festivities), in the generosity of December (communal life). Imagine how our communities could be, if the seasonal good will and caring that people get a break, are fed, have a positive memory were an every day attitude.

Merry Christmas.

As usual, juicy music from my home out into the world, heaps of gratitude to the blessings in my life.

Also thanks and respect to the Palestinian Jew whose birth is observed in this time, who grew up to embody a love that was like water in the desert, who healed many by laying on his hands, by commanding the problem to go, by using words like “Stand up!”, directed at a person who would then stand up and go back to their tasks as if they had never been ill or suffered. Thanks and respect to his parents too for raising Jesus and giving him what he needed as a child to become the adult he was. The tone of love that Mary and Joseph set in their home is what nurtured the young Jesus (although this piece of wisdom had been omitted and forgotten by many, since the reflections on Jesus were not written down by people who parented children and had no way of knowing what it means to raise the young with skill).

May the love of the moment catch you too.

Santosha and a friendly end of the year.

25 December 2018

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