The Smell of the Earth in December

Root vegetables smell like the soil they grow in, and the soil that is adapting to the cold season smells faintly of the vegetables and the flowers it was a home to, for months. The garden that was is still here like an idea, because the scents linger. The scent of parsnip and pumpkin lingersContinue reading “The Smell of the Earth in December”

Happy Birthday To Vandana Shiva.

“Farming is care for the land. It is love for the land. It is not an activity to extract¬†from the land.” Vandana Shiva, 68 on this day You will get a lot out of this almost 1 h long conversation between the UBC in Vancouver, in February 2020, and our birthday girl, ahemm, lady. ¬†

“Gaia Is Always Open To Receive Reiki, Would You Agree?”

One of my reiki friends was sending reiki on Friday and asked in the reiki group: “The spot I picked at the stream was surrounded on all sides by tall mountains. As I closed my eyes, I felt my energies swirling and I envisioned it filling the canyon air. The winds were blowing and thenContinue reading ““Gaia Is Always Open To Receive Reiki, Would You Agree?””

The Hundred Steps Diet

The food that tastes best grows in your own garden. And just like that, your inner being grows by how you water it and how you feed your foundation. In return, it nurtures you, it gives you the energy to continue. Your inner being grows its power and its beauty from your time and trustContinue reading “The Hundred Steps Diet”