“Gaia Is Always Open To Receive Reiki, Would You Agree?”

Earth marble poster by Bill Frymire

One of my reiki friends was sending reiki on Friday and asked in the reiki group:

“The spot I picked at the stream was surrounded on all sides by tall mountains. As I closed my eyes, I felt my energies swirling and I envisioned it filling the canyon air. The winds were blowing and then whoosh, up up up and out into the big beautiful world. Gaia is always open to receive reiki, would you agree?”

– Lee


“Thank you.

And yes, you discovered something!

There are people who request reiki for some long-term goal, but for some reason will not receive it. Their genuine wish is not what they stated they wanted, and reiki that was sent for their goal has nowhere to go. Then, you can always release reiki to the soil or to the water that will gladly take it in. If you return to the place where you let it flow, you will notice that the area has more vitality, is more fertile, or cleaner.

I have learned that by trial and error. Now I do it on purpose – especially in the areas where I am trying to build soil and grow plants.

– Me

I want to add that there are other situations when there is a request for reiki, but reiki is not being received. The recipient might have unknown blockages, or is not used to receiving. A sensitive reiki practitioner can feel that as a wall, a kind of energetic corset, resistance, or like a covering quite like a plastic curtain around the recipient. In such a case, it helps to let reiki flow to “where it is needed” or into the landscape, to the soil and to the water.

It is not useful to communicate the impressions of reiki not being received, unless he or she wants to talk about it.

There are people whose subconscious is not ready to accept blessings, the full healing of their situation, or the manifestation of their conscious wish. Simply notice it, and let the earth take in your offering.

Do not blame the person. Do not put them on the spot. Do not blame yourself for pouring energy into them, either.

The earth willingly receives. Over time, you will notice the wisdom of this approach.

In the last 25 years of doing reiki, I have had almost every situation. Most healings were very positive; and I have a lot of material to write about. Here and there, there were recipients who did not get better and even fell deeper into a downward spiral, with their illness or mental illness. Because we don’t know their soul’s maturation process and their life lessons, it is not recommended that we corner or challenge them on the personality level. Reiki has its own intelligence. It is beneficial to the extent it is received and can be received. The excess can flow into the earth.

The earth is growing our food, and we drink its water; so giving it gratitude and your loving attention is always appreciated.

9 August 2020

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