If You Were Your Own Best Friend

Artwork by Youqing Eugene Wang. @ https://wangfineart.com/

If you were your own best friend, what advice would you give her (him)?

Receive your advice, and take it — today.

10 August 2018

2 thoughts on “If You Were Your Own Best Friend

  1. Yes! While it is easy to envision our having the opportunity to give advice to our past self the past is the past. We would be where we are save for our past experiences, the growth we with threw. Rather than think the past we should reflect and to our inner voice for today and that will build on lives for all to come.

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    1. Thank you, ShayGreywolf.

      It is possible to send healing to the past and to the person we were then. Love and gratitude for the person we once were will be received in the now; therefore it benefits us today, too.

      Advice, however, is only meaningful in the present.. Many good ideas are the seeds of a direction that we want to explore, so advice impacts the future too.

      When faced with a dilemma, we forget that if a friend was telling us her, or his, issue, we would treat her, or him, with patience and kindness and present a solution, if we had it.

      That is an attitude we can assume with our present challenges too. Patience, kindness, and give the solution-oriented part of our mind a “job”.


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