Growing It: Attention, Encouragement, Action, Gratitude, Repeat

Art by David Agenjo

The quality you want to have more of, it is already there — right beside other things. Attention is love, in a real way. Therefore guide your attention toward the things you want to “grow” and enjoy more of. That will alter the proportions of everything that is present; at first in your mind, and then, as you keep pouring your attention on the quality you want to increase, into your actions. By holding your focus and by enjoying the sense of pleasure it gives you, you will create the conditions for the quality to spread into your life: through your choices, by letting go of stuff that is no longer useful, by making space for what you want, by allowing it to take shape and by participating in it.

The potential (of what you want to establish) is already there. Alter the emphasis first, then remove the junk, then enjoy the sparkly feeling of it becoming probable, then act on inspiration. Notice too when manifestation is coming to completion, because the satisfaction that it gives you will keep you energized for more of the same.

2 May 2016

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