Earth Send On 28 October 2022

We are meeting in our meditation for the wellbeing of all life on earth and in our Friday reiki send.

Just for today, let us celebrate our commitment to unity and sanity and harmony and all the areas in life where we have let in unity and sanity and harmony and where unity and sanity and harmony are establishing themselves.

The world is not letting us forget how unpopular and against the mainstream this choice is in 2022. I am looking forward to a time when more people admit to themselves “I’d like that, too!”… “I have tried a lot.. But I haven’t given unity, sanity and harmony a fair shot. So I’ll give it a go now!”

While I understand that ideologies and corresponding jargons are being pushed on us from all sides, we have the power to decide where our focus is, where our focus is going to, what we want to learn about and become good at, even what states of mind we are training on a regular basis.

This week, I was reminded that information is not practice. Being shown specific processes does not make an expert on these processes. (Or we could perform surgeries or fly airplanes after watching a dozen of shows on ops and flying.) In fact, more often than not, being a spectator is an obstacle to changing the things you can, while you can.

Time is a gift that is not unlimited. You decide which skills you are polishing, what you are giving more room to, what you want to reduce. Although this decision is a major step in calling in the chapter you want to live in, you have to live it, live toward that chapter, if you will, place the stones where you want the river to flow, and not just plan, verbalize and dream it.

May this circle refresh your day and beautify your weekend.

28 October 2022

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