Earth Send On 29 July 2022

Plant community in my sun garden: zinnias, chamomile, marigold, phlox, sunchockes, monarda, ginger, mint, cosmos.. all growing together, all adding their merits and joy to the whole

We are meeting in our reiki send and meditation for the well-being of all life on earth.

Please pour your gratitude – small and big – into the circle for everything that has been going well lately, for the good news and the good turns in your life so far and long ago, and for all the good that is in store for you, coming your direction and perhaps still invisible and imperceptible.

Also thank nature for balancing the ways of human beings, for teaching the way of self-repair and self-renewal and the way of generosity and intelligence. Once you become teachable, nature will speak to you in unforgettable and profound ways about what you need to integrate to become the person you were meant to be. Becoming teachable is something that you can be grateful for for a very long time. If you feel that you have become teachable, or more teachable than you have been, and that nature is teaching you, be grateful for it today.

As in all other meditations this year, we are grounding ourselves in sanity and unity and peace. May we develop the skills to respond to disturbing situations with more dignity and with less reactivity. Know that time-outs from whatever drama is going on, or is broadcast to us as extremely urgent and that we “must” pay attention to, are tried-and-true educational tools and that time-outs can be applied to everything that confuses you and to many situations where you desire more wisdom and more poise.

I have been in close contact with the earth this year, and the earth has shown me a different reality than the one I encounter while reading and listening. I have concluded that much of the information that is brought to us comes from people who are trained at scaring their audiences into conduct and views that are not in their best interest and not even their own, and that our planet and even our societies are in much better shape than all the news want us to believe. After all, they can’t make profit by broadcasting news like “people have helped each other”, “spouses love each other after decades”, “parents are raising their children to be competent and fulfilled adults in the world”, “companies commit to more responsible practices”, “your wealth is growing, because you are not wasting it on crap anymore”, “you matter”, “people are living more and more by their values”, although all that is true too, on a certain plane.

Please train yourself in seeing what you like and give it some emphasis. Chances are that you will get distracted, so give it some priority and savour all the positive news — of which we have plenty.

May your Friday go well. Thanks to all who are participating in the circle today.



29 July 2022

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