Born On this Day: Courtney Milne

Courtney Milne, born 77 years ago ( – last day in August 2010), was a nature-adoring photographer from Saskatchewan, Canada. I am especially fond of his photos with magenta and pink elements… I used several of them before for my intuitive writings, because they fit seamlessly with my messages. Oh, Libras… and their appreciation forContinue reading “Born On this Day: Courtney Milne”

Happy Birthday To the Great bell hooks

bell hooks is my favourite writer, cultural critic, contemporary thinker. Her wisdom, brilliance, profundity, love-centred consciousness and constructive solutions have no peer in our time. I recommend her books – if you are unfamiliar with her work and are seeking new reading material. If you are familiar with her books and talks, you are probablyContinue reading “Happy Birthday To the Great bell hooks”