Born On this Day: Courtney Milne

Courtney Milne, born 77 years ago ( – last day in August 2010), was a nature-adoring photographer from Saskatchewan, Canada.

I am especially fond of his photos with magenta and pink elements… I used several of them before for my intuitive writings, because they fit seamlessly with my messages.

Oh, Libras… and their appreciation for everything beautiful… Libras are inspiring to me. (My birth chart is brimming with Libra influence too. The older I get, the more I flaunt it, the Libra in me.)

Heartfelt thanks to Courtney Milne for showing us how magical Gaia is, especially in Canada.

2 thoughts on “Born On this Day: Courtney Milne

  1. 😊

    Mine too, Laura.

    I was a fan of turquoise when I was very young.. (I still love the vibe of it, and the reminder of water and the sea that it suggests, but I don’t think that it is in harmony with my colouring.)

    However, magenta is a colour that I like to have around me and that I like to wear. I wear it often, close to every day, year round. He he. It is a signature colour…. It keeps me in a good mood. 💓


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