Carry Out the Trash, Polish What You Love

Clean up your house, if you want new energy come to your home and to you. Clean up your house, if you are “hoping hard” that some other group cleans up their act. Maybe your house is in order, but some other part in your life is not — clean that up. It is theContinue reading “Carry Out the Trash, Polish What You Love”

Om Vassudhari Swaha!

Clean up your home and your home life when all you see in the outside are chaos and deception. Listen to the juiciest music when all you hear in the outside is bullshit and boring. Maybe you won’t perceive the outer world as nurturing for a while, but your house will be clean, your homeContinue reading “Om Vassudhari Swaha!”

Make Space

Losing someone you never had in your corner is no loss at all. Losing something you are not willing to care for is no loss at all. Liberate the space for high quality relationships and for the things that you love using. All resources – time, space, and energy – are precious. Unclutter. Live withContinue reading “Make Space”

Freshen Up – From The Outside In

I have observed many times how decluttering affects mood in a very positive way. It can start right away. Within the same week, your perception gets sharp, you feel more alive, you have new courage… I am not sure why visual clutter is so distracting, but I sense that it disconnects you from feeling andContinue reading “Freshen Up – From The Outside In”