Carry Out the Trash, Polish What You Love

Design by Hello October

Clean up your house, if you want new energy come to your home and to you.

Clean up your house, if you are “hoping hard” that some other group cleans up their act.

Maybe your house is in order, but some other part in your life is not — clean that up.

It is the best you can do now instead of hoping harder every day that something, someone else changes for the better.

Support others in their decision to clean up their homes and take care of their problems. Those who look down on such “micro” improvements and daily efforts pay the price later – they can’t be reached anyway in this time.

Do not grow your hopes and hoping, grow what you can manifest. Nurture life. Turn towards life. Learn skills that have nothing to do with arguing — the plane of rhetorics stands on flimsy ground. Choose to stand on the real.

Clean up your house, and your house will attract lovely visitors. Clean up your house, and your mind will clear up and be alert to the opportunities coming your way.

8 March 2019

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