Freshen Up – From The Outside In

Photo credit to Instructables. A few slices or skins of citrus fruit – with seasonal herbs – simmering on the stove set the mood for cleaning up and uncluttering. I warmly recommend it. It works well, and you have a great smelling house for hours.

I have observed many times how decluttering affects mood in a very positive way. It can start right away. Within the same week, your perception gets sharp, you feel more alive, you have new courage… I am not sure why visual clutter is so distracting, but I sense that it disconnects you from feeling and gives your brain overwork.

I experience it like that. I suspect that many people do as well. All my very depressed friends have disorganized homes. My impression is that my most depressed clients also live like that.. Not everyone is a neatnik; but think of it, that you can also work from the outside in to shift your energy.

All sacred sites and most man-made places of worship have a calming beauty. You can bring that into your home too and into your work place.

27 January 2015

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