New Rooms, New Life!

Citrus, spice, and herb simmer pot, by Refinery 29.
A great aid and aromatherapeutic energizer for cleaning and uncluttering sessions. You can drink it too, when you are done!

Any excuse to declutter is a good excuse. If you don’t have an outer change that motivates you, you can create one by thinking of the coming chapter and asking yourself if you do want to carry “that thing” into it. If it doesn’t uplift you and serves no function, out it goes.

Someone else might derive great pleasure from it and use an object that is hidden in one of your drawers or storage spaces, gathering dust. Give them that opportunity to do something with it and smile.

Don’t keep reminders of shopping or personal mistakes, never finished projects, stuff that triggers or numbs you, gives you a sinking feeling around.

If you want to start fresh, keep memories in a contained place that you can visit. Do not display objects of the past casually, as your unconscious will keep those times awake, and you want your mind on what you are building, not on what has already been lost. Anything that links to the past should give you strength, warm your heart, cheer you up, instill pride.

It is only objects… but once we have a history with them, we are not neutral to them; there are emotional attachments to them – so make those attachments positive and make space for new good things to come by removing the objects that can serve someone else much better.

26 December 2018

#newneuralpathways #freshness #the4walls #ashotofconfidence

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