Maple’s Gift

Maple Sapling by Carmen Benske, from

Today, I planted 4 maple trees. They started to grow in my pots outdoors. The wind must have blown them into them. I also know from which maple – the one that likes me the best, the healthiest, prettiest and tallest growing near my home.

When I moved here, it was a small and distressed tree. Now it is the strongest and showiest in the neighbourhood. I knew that that would happen: love affects plants too.

Maples especially like human company and are quite receptive to our energies.

Maples are also a symbol of Ontario, of playfulness and colour – green and pink and orange suggest a connection to the heart and the sexual chakra – and of the life force moving up in the trunk once the light increases. The syrup that the maple produces is sweet and it has rejuvenating and medicinal properties. The parallel to our own life force – kundalini or ch’i – that moves up the spine when we are exposed to the light, and are lit from within, is quite obvious: it heals our organs, we feel good and sweet and in possession of a secret… In a maple, the juice is invisible, but you can tap it and extract it; in a human being, it is invisible though somewhat visible too. We who move life energy through our bodies appear significantly younger than we are; and it is not only because of a young attitude and good genes. (Attitude and genes are a good excuse, but there is more to it.)

I have planted trees before. But today was my first time planting maple trees. And they had come to me as a gift.

The night before, I had an epiphany that left me feeling sad. There was no slant to it that calmed me. I had to feel the feelings as they were. I asked Spirit not for a band aid but for a solution. In the morning, I planted those mini trees into the soil, and the message arrived.

Nature is responsive. Its law is generosity. Trust.


25 July 2016

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