Gifting Season

Image credit to Pxhere

The more you withhold nurturing your loved ones, the easier you fall prey to advertising.

The less nurturing you receive from those you choose to hang out with, the easier you fall prey to advertising (i.e., empty words).

The latter phenomenon is rampant in women; the former in men.

I won’t go into the discussion that men are only happy when they give and women only fulfilled when they receive (love), although that is more than a stereotype, it is quite true. What I want to ask you is to become mindful when you feel urged to shop for things you don’t need and that will clutter up the landfills in a few months. Is lack of love – perceived or given – the reason for your need to shop?

Nothing wrong with splurging on pleasure, on well-being, on harmony, on needs. But something is wrong with wasting money to escape painful feelings. Those resources can be put toward an improvement, something positive, a memory that will last, even connection, for example toward an event that can unite people of like mind…

Just some thoughts while observing Christmas shoppers. I am keeping it light, in order to appeal to personal mindfulness.

I notice it in me too. However, emotional shopping has never made me happy. Therefore I can stay alert, observe what is going on inside me and take a break… until I am ready to make the choice that responds to the real wish or the real need… It sounds easy, and practising it is not that demanding either.

Just try it. You might be amazed.

5 December 2015

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