New Moon In March, New Moon In Pisces: Align And Welcome The Good

Happy new moon, in Pisces. Approaching new moon, help your body rid itself off metabolic waste and dirt, and clean up your desk and your home. Cleaning with water is so much easier in the last week before new moon than during the rest of the month, and easiest on new moon. Why not goContinue reading “New Moon In March, New Moon In Pisces: Align And Welcome The Good”

Sun On Water

Do you knowthe music the lake makeswhen the sun of spring warms it? The snow that clung to the ice melts into water.Sun rays break the ice underwater into candles of ice.They rub and chime and clangin the meltwater, in the waves. This is the music the water makeswhen it changesfrom the frozen state toContinue reading “Sun On Water”

From Water To Wood, From Winter to Spring

A seasonal observation: Now that the snow and ice are melting on the surface of the earth that can not absorb it all at once, the notion that water – turning from its frozen state to liquid – is a metaphor for love waking up to itself doesn’t seem so far fetched at all. TheContinue reading “From Water To Wood, From Winter to Spring”

Closing The Gap

Finding an unexpected treasure is a wonderful surprise. But finding exactly what you want and that fits you to a T, that is mind blowing. Therefore, prepare for it. Prepare for the mind blowing experience? Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am. — That is what I am talking about! Guide your mind to the things that you want toContinue reading “Closing The Gap”

With Enough Information And Joy And Success

“We are literally in the last century of this epic struggle between violence + patriarchy and love + nonviolence + the feminine.” Vandana Shiva, at the Permaculture Convergence in Dec 2017 Thanks to my female ancestors and my peers who cultivated the best, tended to the best, and continued the best, despite the chaos andContinue reading “With Enough Information And Joy And Success”

The Feminine In The Past And In The Now

The feminine teaches us how to nurture life and non-cooperation with evil. I learned that from the elders who were women when I was a child. Chances are, so have you. In this time, there is plenty of effort to turn non-cooperation with evil into something only subcultures could be interested in and and toContinue reading “The Feminine In The Past And In The Now”

A Good Day To All Daughters, Sisters And Mothers.

Happy Women’s Day. I thank all women and men who work for a juster world where the feminine can express itself. I look forward to the end of abuse against women and girls, the end of genital mutilation, the end of human trafficking, and to the beginning of cooperation in the human family. I lookContinue reading “A Good Day To All Daughters, Sisters And Mothers.”

I’m So Glad That I’m A Woman.

“We’re the lifeline of mankind, and now is the time for me.” Love Unlimited The iconic song of gratitude still says so much. I often hoped that our contemporary musicians would write songs of this caliber, and I haven’t given up. The good ones do, but they are too few. (And they are too unknownContinue reading “I’m So Glad That I’m A Woman.”

Born On This Day: Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel was a perfectionistic, somewhat secretive and super chic composer who loved to entertain his friends and also spent a lot of time in solitude. He seemed to compose “in his mind” before he put it on paper. He thought that he composed too little. His masterpiece Bolero may have been conceived during aContinue reading “Born On This Day: Maurice Ravel”

The Season Of Sunsets

As spring is approaching, the sky delivers spectacular sunsets with a lot of pink. Long brush strokes of pink.  Taking the time to gaze at them is a treat for the eyes, for the morale and for the vital energy. Maybe you consider it as self-care. That is what I will do this year. InContinue reading “The Season Of Sunsets”

Power To Where It Belongs

Radical self-acceptance: Once you are at peace with your own limitations, you can accept the limitations of others. For example: conflict addicts will not hear the subtlety, the sophistication, or the accuracy in your points. They are wired in a completely different way. Let them believe whatever they want to believe. Realizing your own needsContinue reading “Power To Where It Belongs”

Happy Birthday To Julia Cameron.

I need to write a longer writing of thanks to this Lady Of Creativity, whose work has been a companion to me since her first book ‘The Artist’s Way’. I have given The Artist Way to so many creative friends in the 1990s, who back in the day did not really know what to doContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Julia Cameron.”