Recovery of Identity: Poet

Recovery of Identity: Poet

I always intuited
a link between
writing and living.
That if I gave my best
to live better,
I would be given the material
I wanted to write about.
That if I put my heart
into writing,
I would live better
and align with my wisdom.

Once you bring yourself
to the page, day after day,
it affects you.
You can not pretend
that you don’t know
who you are,
that you have no idea
what your next step is.

You can dismiss your thoughts
while they browse in your mind.
But when you write them,
they are in front of you
and they keep coming back.
Eventually you must act
on them.

Writing is
therapy, a polishing of beauty, a welcome to life,
all three.
Yes, the best things do happen
when you work
for your ease and your truth and your urge to beautify.

Your words turn lighter
like dancers
who have trained hard
to appear weightless
and exact,
yielding to the music in you.

Your words work together like bees
zooming in and out of the beehive
that is your svadhisthana,
your lust for life,
your need to offer something
only you can make.

Just relax into it,
let the pen glide over the paper,
get used to a higher bliss
and record it.

Day after day,
you are building a way of life,
not by pushing against ignorance,
not by wishing to escape the real,
but by crafting it,
word for word,
step by step.

Page after page,
you are breaking free
from myths and from inhibition
and claiming what is yours
to be and yours to say.

You are doing it
for the ancestors,
for those who depend on you,
for those who come after you,
for love to open you
as wide as possible
so it can flow through you
in massive, bountiful waves
and bless
all and you.

You are doing it
to gather your own honey,
to move to the rhythm in your being.
So sweet, so holy
is the divine expressing itself
through your journey,


Emerge again.

You will live better.
You will write better too.

Nanda Jurela,
22 March 2015

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