We Are Living Spirit

Artwork: J. Eichinger

We are not recycling stations of all opinions we were imprinted with.

We are living Spirit.

We have access to guidance that has nothing to do with our encounters on the human plane.

If we were only a mosaic of the people we have met, where does music come from, poetry, activism for a united world, any inspiration that has nothing to do with your circles?

The expression that comes straight from Spirit is palpable, connective and forges patterns in the mind that can not be forgotten. It engages a lot more of you than your conscious thinking and temperament. It can not be passed on from person to person through manner or speech.

Make space in yourself for Inspiration.

Offer yourself in its service. I.e., start manifesting the images, words, or sounds given to you as soon as you can.

The changing circumstances of your life and the changing moods of your neighbours will affect you less. Priorities will fall into place.

15 March 2015

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