The Dream That Provides the Solution

Painting by Abbot Handerson Thayer (1849 – 1921)

I love dreams that provide solutions to a burning question.

Last night I had a fabulous dream that gave me the emotional energy that I will recognize when I experience it in the real plane.

The content of my dream is less interesting to you*, but you can draw from it two things:

A – Before you fall asleep, ask your subconscious to give you the answer to a dilemma, longing, or problem.

B – If you prefer dreaming while conscious over dreaming while asleep:

Envision the situation in detail that you would live in, if your goal was real.

Record what you notice. Manifest what you can right away, within the same day.

Go to your vision periodically and manifest another piece of it.

Trust your intuition. It is working for you.

Use the method for a goal you are prepared to have, you can believe you can have and for something that lasts, something big, like your heart’s desire.

(You can use it for minor answers too, to complete a work, to find keys, and so on. This is how you train your mind to find solutions and act on them. Your inner knowing will move you to themes that are important to you soon. Let it! That is its service.)

*My dream was full of laughter. I woke up chuckling. Oh, how much I love comedy in life!

11 October 2015

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