“I Am Pleased. Let’s Keep Going.”

Those who underdeliver and overpromise tend to forget that they were given enough time to make an impact. This attitude – often coupled with the warning that you will never know anyone like them – can be traced back to advertising tricks: it is always about the future and that future never comes.

Someone committed to success – success of a project, or of a relationship – will not play those mind games and will not keep delaying the joy that can be had in the moment and will accept positive feedback in their own way of showing “I am pleased.” (And “Let’s keep going.”) You know who is trying to make it work and who is contributing by their actions and support.

Let your actions speak louder than all your words. (Unless you are in puberty — that is when you do the opposite — and everyone knows it and you do too.) Hot air is what people give until they discover how to nurture and serve love. Hot air used to be a “phase”, not a full-time job. Maybe it can be put back into that context again.

The advertising industry won’t like it, but you and I will.


27 June 2017

Hour glass, from https://www.justhourglasses.com/

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