Wangari Maathai Day / Africa Environment Day

“For me, one of the major reasons to move beyond just the planting of trees was that I have a tendency to look at the causes of a problem. We often preoccupy ourselves with the symptoms, whereas if we went to the root cause of the problems, we would be able to overcome the problemsContinue reading “Wangari Maathai Day / Africa Environment Day”

Leaf Trees Prepare for the Coming Year

The buds that you see on the twigs contain — within themselves, in miniature — the leaves and flowers of the coming year. (Some trees have buds that carry both flowers and leaves; other trees have two types of buds, one type carries the flowers, the other carries the leaves.) Did you know that the tree forms its budsContinue reading “Leaf Trees Prepare for the Coming Year”

Under the Fig Tree

Were you the forbidden treein the Garden of Eden?Did Eve bite into your fruitto find out if Adam really loved her?Or because she wanted toknow what the Goddess knew,the One worshipped before God? My dear fig,you are the tree of trees,so regal and feminine,drenched with the heat of the sun.Your children taste sweetand smile evenContinue reading “Under the Fig Tree”