Leading With Love: Affirm Yourself

Fun fact: There are steps you make out of self-love and self-respect or to reduce garbage and toxicity. Those actions may appear strict or weird to others, but you are doing them in order to maintain or create a higher level of health, and to live in alignment with your values. Groups who are lessContinue reading “Leading With Love: Affirm Yourself”

Copyright Disclaimer

All materials – words and photos – shared on this website belong to the writer © Nanda Jurela, the owner of this website and blog. I write the words, and I shoot the photographs that support the words, unless I indicate otherwise.  … I provide a link to the artists whose art work I feature – whenContinue reading “Copyright Disclaimer”

Recovery of Identity: Poet

Recovery of Identity: Poet I always intuiteda link betweenwriting and living.That if I gave my bestto live better,I would be given the materialI wanted to write about.That if I put my heartinto writing,I would live betterand align with my wisdom. Once you bring yourselfto the page, day after day,it affects you.You can not pretendthat youContinue reading “Recovery of Identity: Poet”