Straight to Wisdom

Photo by Sonia Quintero

When you are thirsty for wisdom, you find all sources of water available to you.

If that sounds like a matter of survival, let me tell you, it is just that. Once you feel dehydrated, you are urged to learn: you discover and assimilate fast, wisdom flows into you freely, and it becomes yours. There is no time to waste, no point in making yourself think that you don’t know where the fresh water is. All those habits with which deprive yourself have no more value to you – and you drop them.

This is how you find wisdom.

You can fall asleep to wisdom again. But it is inside you once you have tasted it. You will use it when you are thirsty again. Or when you notice thirst in another person and decide to show him how to get to the water.

People who only flirt with the idea of wisdom aren’t asking for it. If you put it in front of them, they will look for the flaw in you, while you intend to ease them out of discomfort.

Sharing is kind to the thirsty and to the generous. Sharing with the hostile is not as harmless as sharing with the bored. Sharing at the right time will make an impression that lasts. And that is how precious wisdom is: it deserves to make a lasting impression.

The recommendation of not throwing pearls before the swine was lost on me, until December 2014. All my life, I rebelled against it. Now I know what the master meant. Use your imagination to connect how I arrived. Yes, it was that.

May you and I claim wisdom in a matter-of-factly way, like we drink water when thirsty. May we live easily in beauty.

early February 2015

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