Projecting Into the Future: The Image of Success In Western Society – A Transformation From Charlie Sheen To Aloe Blacc

And How Women Will Co-Create It

Aloe Blacc

I am not talking of who Charlie Sheen or Aloe Blacc are in private, because no one here knows that, I am more interested in what those two figures project and the roles they play in the collective consciousness.

Charlie Sheen is the prototype of the lost guy, presently infected with HIV, dying after a lifetime of vices, extreme self-delusion, glamour, luxury, being the near-perfect embodiment of everything that is sick in North American society, one of the better examples of “toxic masculinity”, the Bad Boy archetype, or whatever you want to call it, reaping pretty much what he sowed. Although he was born into enormous privilege, raised with advantages the average person does not have, contacts and opportunities (his father is a fine actor who made his way in Hollywood and provided his sons with a cushy lifestyle and a vast network), you can conclude that from the start, Charlie Sheen was “in with the in-crowd”, went where the in-crowd went, knew what the in-crowd knows, and then wonder how someone so blessed went down such a self-destructive path and made choices that he himself can’t reconstruct and explain to himself. Maybe the riddle is not a riddle at all to a keen observer.

Contrast that to Aloe Blacc. Born to immigrant parents from Panama who settled in a moderate income community in California, Aloe discovered his love of music as a kid in elementary school, started playing music and composing, and made a career out of it, because his listeners liked what they heard, got involved with philanthropic projects. Although he is a strong performer of meaningful songs and has an amazing voice, I am not bombarded with his image in the media and do not hear of scandals. All I hear is the music, his offering to the world. In interviews, I hear someone thoughtful and sane, with a superb time management, and the insight that “I am doing what is best for me, because that is what is best for all”. Aloe is successful, yes, but his success didn’t make him callous, ignorant, abusive, grandiose, disinhibited, or detached. He seems to direct his inspiration into his creativity, and he shows up with an air of respect and ability to evolve and take in information that I find quite rare – in public people.

So why is it that we can identify someone who could serve as a role model for boys and young men in regard to personal success and attitude towards the world, who even appears to possess the traits most women appreciate in a mate, but are stuck with the cheesiest, most dramatic, obnoxious, self-harming, cartoonish versions of the masculine in the media?

Oh, I can reverse the genders here too. There are female narcissists (not quite like Charlie Sheen, but close) grabbing the attention of the masses, while intelligent, powerful creatives (like Aloe Blacc) with an overall prosocial record do their work in quiet, offer upliftment and benefit to their communities.

So who made the decision to broadcast trashy types to us and sell misery as hip, while ignoring all the juicy developments that can move a young person or an awakening adult to embark on a journey of self-respect?

Well, of course I know who they are and what their motivations are, and neither are good. The core question here is, how and when will we restore our emotional intelligence?

I suggest this: support the Aloes, learn how they tick, maybe you can learn something new that will help you in the world and help you manifest your dreams. And leave the Charlie Sheens in the past where they belong.

16 February 2018


#playedbythemedia #mindmanipulation #brainwashing

#popularculture #responsibility #selfdetermination #wearetheoneswehavebeenwaitingfor

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