Drop Into Your Dearest Interest

Craft by Haven America

Sometimes you have to do things over and over again, until you are satisfied with the result. But that is never a problem, if you like doing it, if you like the way you spend your time. Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. If you are not good at it but you are very drawn to it, do it anyway. This might be your hidden talent, or calling, and likely it is! Curiosity is the sure sign of a bigger purpose behind your fascination. You can learn the technique and acquire the skills – and you will. But you can not “learn” passion, or attention. That is innate.

You might have more developed skills in areas that don’t intrigue you as much or even feel like no challenge to you at all. But that what attracts you, that is your thing.

Go for it.

If you put it off, it will surface in other ways. You might even get depressed, sedate your fire, distract yourself with activities that don’t mean that much to you or with people — because you are not pursuing your dearest interest. But that is not the answer. The answer is to drop into it.

Remember: it is not about doing it well fast, it is about doing it to feel alive and because you must, and you know it.

16 August 2015

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