That Little Bit That Makes You Happy

I wonder how many people would dare to take steps towards their dream, if they knew that it is ok to do it imperfectly. It is good enough to do it imperfectly. Just start where you are – every morning. And, keep going.

Then I recall human nature, the tendency to go from one extreme to another, to not value a friendly path, to not be content with the changes that are in your power to change. And I understand: this is the reason why so many don’t move towards their dream.. and don’t make space in their schedule to accomodate “a little bit of what makes me happy”.

That “little bit of what makes me happy” snatched from each week, or each day, will improve quality of life and self-perception and the product itself. Creatives, entrepreneurs, people who accept that lifetime is both a gift and finite trust that and live like that. A routine of “a little bit of what makes me happy” may occupy only a small window of your day, but it is when you come alive, when you are manifesting (instead of consuming, instead of being programmed by crafty salespeople whose goal is to steal your money, time, confidence, sense of right and wrong with useless, addictive trash that can not nurture), and when you are reaching out towards what could be your destiny, when you make things happen for your dream to become real.

Anything worth doing is worth doing imperfectly, by dipping into it, again and again. Because you will get the hang of it… and in the meantime, feeling alive and connected with your dream is priceless and exactly what you should give yourself.


23 June 2019


#micromovements #time #alivetime

#love #create #innovate #elevate #sustainedattention #practice

#grow #selflove

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