Contrast? Nah. Attunement!

Image: public domain. A reminder of Friday, 20 February 2015.

By pointing out ugly deeds or who the ugly people are, you haven’t created a beautiful world and you haven’t made yourself a beautiful person.

Contrast has its place and time, but it is an effect — shocking, sharp and short-lived — not a lifestyle.

Your creative energy seeks its own contentment. It has a destination. It wants to settle into forms that help and delight and that can last.

You can not agree to mindsets that are consumerist, compulsive, imitating, of perpetual forgiveness, or that skim the surface of things. No, you are done with looking at that.

You are a creator, a lover. You demand of yourself that you live in a way that is worthy of you and that you complete your work.

So while heaven is manifesting on earth, let people see it – through your vision.

26 Feb 2015

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