Before Bed Time

First community garden in 2015

Everything thrives around you, dear,
your child,
your plants,
your clients,
your friendships,
your new neighbours,
their pets who seek your company,
your shared garden coop,
the trees around your home,
all because of your caring,
all because they respond to your soul song,
why do your worry
so much about two topics?

Dear Spirit,
but I have been patient for so long!
Can you give me an idea
when these two things will happen for me?

You are busy on one.
Keep going, and it is yours.

The other –
Bless your home
every day of the year.
Turn it into your sanctuary.
And your body too:
it is your first home, your first holy place.

Home is the foundation
for your dreams to find you.
It is not what you are asking for, but
this is important:
Both homes
need to be ready for the next stage of your life.
Get rid of things that are no longer you.

You know what you want.
You know how it will feel.
Hold onto that feeling.
Be ready for it to appear before your eyes.

No more compromise. No excuses.
Hold the note.

24 April 2015 

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