Earth Send On 2 December 2022

Photo: Canstock

We are meeting in our meditation for the  well-being of all life on earth and in our Friday reiki send. 

We are sending warm gratitude to everyone and everything that contributes to our well-being and our ability to love and function. 

Once again, I am sending gratitude to the nurses, health care workers, doctors and essential workers who have been serving everyone during the last two and a half years — even when they didn’t feel like showing up for work. I am including therapists and counselors, both informal and trained, who are supporting people, young and old and everyone in between, at restoring outlook and mental health. Everyone who has been comforting people in grief and confusion can not be thanked enough. 

Thanks to everyone who let go of piles of rubbish, material and immaterial, to everyone who committed to a kinder diet, to a fresh sleep hygiene, to a more sustainable exercice program, to a prosocial mental diet and to everyone broadcasting and giving love. 

If you can think of people worthy of our gratitude and who would benefit from our shared focus, please add them below.

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote: “To meditate means to go home to yourself. Then you know how to take care of the things that are happening inside you, and you know how to take care of the things that happen around you.”

Use this opportunity, our circle today, to come back to yourself, to observe what is happening inside you and to determine what resources you may need in the coming week to bring more order into your life and loving vibes to the people who cross your path. Ask for these resources and apply them. 

May appreciation and peace flow into and from your heart centre today.

Healing is flowing to all who are ready to receive it.


For interactive participants, I am throwing in a few suggestions that I hope are useful to you.

As you know, I am a fan of environmental affirmations. 

In situations when you feel that you can not receive or that too many obstacles exist between you and the loving vibes or the order in your life or some other heart’s desire, environmental affirmations are a gentle way to engage your mind and neutralize resistance, doubts, overanalysis or sarcasm, while stimulating the trainable parts of the brain and letting the subconscious take in other possibilities than the ones you have access to.

How to place an environmental affirmation in your space:

Find or invent a symbol for the quality that you are trying to establish. (E a s e is a good one to start practising with!)

Draw it or search for an image that represents it.

Put it up in a place that you pass by often. 

The symbol (visual representation) should make sense to your mind. It can be a word, too. Keep it simple and appealing to your inner child. To me personally, the expression of being grateful to what I had aimed for tends to bring solid results.

In the future, I can offer assistance with that process. Play with it — until then. 

2 December 2022

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