Earth Send On 9 December 2022

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We are meeting in meditation for the utter well-being of all life and in our Friday reiki send.

We are grounding ourselves in unity, sanity and harmony. We are sending our gratitude to everyone and everything that has been supporting us lately, over the years and for a very long time:

the elements, the earth and the sustenance growing on our ocean planet, our companions, teachers, ancestors and confidants, the practices that renew us, the subtle realm of guidance and protection, benign influences that have left their mark, everyone involved in the literature that we have benefitted from — authors, editors, illustrators and publishers, librarians and libraries, book store staff and book stores — and the journey so far…

Many thanks to peacemakers and nonviolent communicators — both known and in our daily lives – whose examples have paved the way for others to walk on, to the people we have bought property from or rent from (the roof above our head boosts our well-being in ways that many other things can not, and it is time to recognize it), the communities we are involved with, especially the joyful communities we love to return to and that keep us laughing, smiling and sane and and to everyone else who you want to give credit to in today’s gratitude.

The holiday season is a a time of disconnect from autopilot and of reconnect with loved ones. So may the theme and the vibration of the day be kinship, friendship and love.

There are only three more Fridays in 2022. Now is a good moment to mentally go over about everything that went well this year and how you can continue what has been going well. If, like me, you have put in time and effort to make your life smoother and function better, notice what about the new structures, the new rituals, the little goals met has been useful to you. Savour the goodness of this unfolding. Linger in your appreciation for a bit longer.

Happy Friday. Thank you for participating.

9 December 2022

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