Earth Send On 9 September 2022

Mural by Henry Chram

We are meeting in our weekly ReikiSend and in meditation for the well-being of all life on earth.

We are centering ourselves in sanity and unity and peace.

I am sending a big thank you to all the people who have been participating in our Friday circles since June 2005: I bow to your constancy and your love for reiki and your commitment to healing.

I am also sending big thanks to the people who have participated sporadically or for a few months or years: I have been touched by your journeys and your anticipation of a more vibrant tomorrow and your expanding creativity.

In the Northern hemisphere, where I am, nature is peaking with beauty and is close to harvest. We can appreciate that, no matter what the challenges and trends of the moment are, we are being provided for.

Women who are close to the earth can take the clue from the earth, beautify ourselves and our homes in order to welcome fresh experiences and fresh blessings. Allowing peace into the home and allowing peace with the body enhances quality of life in ways that you can only know once you try it.

Men who are close to the earth can take the clue from the earth and ponder how they are contributing to the health and gratitude of their partner, children, parents and how the harvest of the next year can be even more joyous than this one. Men who proactively expand their contentment and confidence tend to be quite forthcoming with their strategies. Their strategies suit their different situations, but there are common themes of making their ideas happen and of growing out of being a tended-to child into a man on whom others can rely. Even my teenage son beamed with self-respect when he treated me to the first meal he paid for, from money that he made, not money that had been given to him. What I notice in a young man applies even more to fully grown men.

May this day reveal to you the nutrients of the most satisfying and juiciest life that you can live. Notice what clues today’s meditation is showing you.

I recommend that you record what you wish for yourself, as seeing it black on white will augment it, and you can revisit it later and observe what manifested in the meantime.

Oh, and get your vitamin D directly from the sun, while you can, in the last days of summer.


9 September 2022

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