EarthSend On 4 March 2022

Thanks to Freepik for these spring messengers

We are meeting in our meditation for the well-being of all life and in our weekly reikisend.

The wise have taught us how to find our love and poise even in the most trying of conditions.

The last weeks have given us plenty of situations to apply everything that we have learned over the years. As we speak, a lot of people are participating in vigils for world peace or for a particularly vulnerable region on earth, a lot of people are communicating a longing for peace or their belief in a peaceful coexistence. What brings these networks for peace together may be a turbulent and precarious situation, but look at what it has born!

If you feel like meditating more often, spending more time in nature and at your sacred spots, there is no better time than now.

You can also send good thoughts to decisionmakers, so that they make balanced and benign next steps. Curb all old cynical, sarcastic, disappointed, highly opinionated thoughts and other cobwebs of the mind – while you send out those good thoughts. Be sincere in your broadcast of sanity and unity and peace.

Hey, why not start today?

May this Friday shower you with serenity, vitality and lucky events. Healing is going out from my household several times today.

4 March 2022

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