EarthSend On 18 February 2022

Photo credit to Wallpaperflare

It is a fresh Friday morning, and we are meeting again in meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our worldwide, weekly reiki circle.

May this day shower you with inspiration, friendly feelings and love.

Train your mind to detect all that you can be grateful for and to linger in that gratitude, especially during our circle.

Reiki will go out to all who have asked for it.

My appreciation goes out to all who are participating and to all who have used this pause from the familiar lifestyle (another name for this pause was pandemic) to apply a few new ideas or to move their lives in the direction of how they want to live. A lot of messages about this situation have been of doom and gloom (and that was intentional, too); but life never told you a story of doom and gloom, life keeps showing you that life goes on, so why not prepare for continuation? Anticipatory joy activates and prolongs your good feelings about where you are heading.

And yes, this pause will pass too, just like any chapter. Make the best out of it, while you can.

18 February 2022

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