Just One Drop Of That Wisdom

“The basis of knowledge is the fire, rock, water, and green. But when that power was given to man, he used it to twist his own mind. Tunkashila gave man just one drop of that wisdom.”

 –Wallace Black Elk, Lakota Elder

“All My Relations, the wisdom disappeared and a thing came in called self-will. Self-will has caused us to run complete riot on our lives because we lack complete wisdom. This causes everyone to be thinking all the time. That is not necessarily good, because often it hampers others from doing good that is needed. We need to seek more prayer and less personal thinking of self. The balance of life starts with getting out of self.”

–Arthur Medicine Eagle-Sonier, Megamaw Elder

I know only one way to release the toxic projections of people and grief from relationships: to be in nature. Sometimes people are unaware of the damage they do to each other, and all of it comes from the indoors mentality – which we all share, because most of us spend our working lives indoors or have been schooled to use the indoors brain -. Being outdoors makes us more honest with each other, gentler, mindful and compassionate. It is the effect nature has on us: everything has its place, everything is accepted; we hear each other better and know how to support each other.

Even the best relationships can be improved by time in nature, shared or apart. Because in nature, our lives fall into the correct proportions. Worry, irritation and anguish disappear, and a quiet confidence returns. It is from nature. Personal will then can serve a bigger goal – love.

People who prefer to live alone find that time in nature balances and de-stresses them and provides inspiration.

The human mind gets twisted when the relationship with the earth is disrupted. Many cultures don’t function anymore for that reason.


27 June 2014

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