Earth Send On 22 July 2022

Zinnia and bee balm hug in my garden this morning. 22 July 2022 / NJ

We are meeting in our Friday reikisend and meditation for the well-being of all life on earth.

This is the sunniest, most sensual, most fragrant, most fertile, most colourful and most relaxed time of the year. So be free to bring everything that pleases you to the circle.

Mother earth displays her opulent beauty every day, every week, all the way until fall — in the Northern hemisphere. Take a clue from the earth! At least celebrate mother earth’s unwavering support for all her children, the rich, gorgeous creativity and the sacred geometry that you can observe in the plants around you, the water that cools, cleanses and entertains everyone, and your opportunity to appreciate, vibe with, harmonize and to become teachable.

May your day be friendly, easy and surprise you with better news than you thought you would get!

Happy summer to all meditators and to all who are on their journey to well-being.

22 July 2022

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