Happy Birthday to Gregory Porter.

Gregory Porter, born on 4 November 1971

The singer lost his brother, with whom he was very close, to covid19 and still made himself available to a few interviews this year.

“This is going to sound strange but I’ve been listening to my own music too, just reaffirming the things I believe. When I sing No Love Dying, or even songs that people think are dance songs, such as Liquid Spirit, I’m actually talking with my mother, and listening to those songs is a way for me to find reassurance. There’s a song on my new album called Real Truth, about how life and death is the ultimate truth, whether you will or won’t breathe – so this is coming to me in a new way. Another song, Thank You, I released early because I wanted to say thank you to all these healthcare workers that are working around the world, putting their lives in danger. We’re all distancing ourselves, running away from the fire, and they’re running into it. The people who do that are extraordinary and I want to say thank you with that song.”


Enjoy this concert (or any other, take a pick, he always delivers!)

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