Sovereign Human Beings / Reclamation of the Mind

Imagine the power we would have, if women stopped dieting and men stopped drinking and drugging. While under the influence of self-deprivation and intoxication, no one has access to their innate wisdom. That is what advertisers want: the ability to trigger and enslave. What advertisers don’t want are sovereign human beings who think clearly, for their own benefit, and who might stop the war. The war will only be stopped by those who have reclaimed their minds and do not succumb to manipulators.

Men diet too, and women drink and drug too. I am pointing out predominant dysfunctions, not a gender preference as such: compulsive perfectionism and compulsive oblivion hurt all, and rob all of time, clarity, and the wish to engage in a way that is prosocial, proactive, with foresight, and kind to all.

Stop poisoning yourself.

27 January 2019

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