Love In the Language And In the Paradigm

Loving Your Enemies means not destroying your enemies, letting them live on earth, even if you don’t understand their actions and make different choices. It does not mean seeking your enemies to change them or make them follow your ideas of what life is about.

Loving Your Kin is more or less the opposite of loving your enemies, even though there may be unconditional acceptance in this warm and engaged type of love too. Loving Your Kin means nurturing and supporting the people you love, who love you, who depend on you. Loving Your Kin is active, practical, responsive and connective.

Although the dominant culture has forgotten what love is and that love is the fuel of life, it makes sense to talk about it again. Because both types of love — Live and Let Live and Caring — are the medicine for the crises of the future. Love will seem like expensive, out of sight and hard to find medicine, so it is better you start practising it now and it will be “near you” when you are the one who needs it. You will need it eventually. It is a matter of time.

8 December 2017

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