Friday after #EarthDay

Poster by Dave Born

honour your commitment that you have renewed or chosen on Earth Day.

Today we are meeting in our healing circle for the well-being of all life on earth.

We say thanks to everything that is good, effortless and beautiful in our life; thanks to the cultivation of emotional stability; thanks to our elders who fought for the many privileges we enjoy today, who gave us their traits and sacred sites and who raised us with love; thanks to our teachers who opened our minds to research, lifelong learning and integrity and who opened our hearts to co-creating, panache and bliss; thanks to the successes we have had on our path so far; thanks to the decision to apply loving kindness in our contacts, healing work, business, friendships, home life.

We say thanks to everything and everyone responsible for our health and for our expanding well-being: the sun, the water, the soil, the plants we consume, the people who are involved in all aspects of health and well-being and who show up to work even when there is a pandemic, to the pets and friends who remind us to laugh, dance, drop into our heart’s energy, to the animals that inspire us to live every day fully and that bring wonder and their contributions to the ecology.

We say thanks to everyone who has grasped that the earth is a piece of heaven. Heaven is man’s old idea of thriving in harmony with everything that is. Heaven is also the vast cosmos in which the earth is one planet, the planet that brings forth life and offers the mind an experience of loveliness.

Heaven is something you can pour into your life. It is your decision. You decide every new day.

Artwork by the magnificent artist Dave Born.

#Friday #ReikiSend #RainbowTribe Reiki
#Gaia waterplanet waterislife
#santosha #alwaysapleasure

24 April 2020

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