Healing Circle on 17 April

A serene Friday filled with the revivifying scents of spring – or the harvest scents of fall, if you are in the global South – to you all. We are sending healing, thanks, love and smiles to everything that is going well in our lives, to the formation of our beautiful soul families, to the water, air, soil on Gaia, to the sun that makes everything grow, that illuminates our minds, that lets life shine in its golden rays, to the love of healing, to the results of healing, to the love of truth and to our blossoming that is unfolding … when we allow it. (And why wouldn’t you?).

Thanks to all who are joining today. May the waters within and without clear up and bring relief and harmony to where it is needed.


17 April 2020

Photo of crocus by the North American Rock Garden Society

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