For Vimala Thakar

Thank you, Vimala,
for not letting me get away
with excuses.

I appreciate how much you cared
for humanity and our future.
You wanted everyone to be strong,
to live in peace and with heart wisdom.

Your diamond-like clarity,
your firm approach,
your knowing of the psyche
make me feel at home
and challenge me.

You said,
“Spirituality is the seed
and social action is the fruit born of it”,
and you lived it.

You opened the path to whole love.
You made it so wide
that we all can walk it.

You knew
that we would be walking it together:

for our survival
and out of loving.

You knew that in the unseen dimension
and in the web of life
every piece is linked,
that to live right is to connect,
that to live in harmony with life is
to connect the within with the without
and repair all fragmentation of the self.

And in order to heal,
we let the inside reach into the outside
and we let the outside reply to its pull to the inside.

It is the way of Nature.
It is the way of Spirit.

15 April 2015,
94 years after her birth

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