Leading With Love: Affirm Yourself

Fun fact: There are steps you make out of self-love and self-respect or to reduce garbage and toxicity. Those actions may appear strict or weird to others, but you are doing them in order to maintain or create a higher level of health, and to live in alignment with your values.

Groups who are less choosy than you, or have different goals, will probably respond — most of the time, not with a live and let live attitude or with curiosity, but piqued with guilt or hostility.

However, self-nurturing is not about “them”; it is about self.

If you are doing the right thing for yourself or for your relationship with the earth, don’t try to convert others to do the same. Let your serenity and ease be a reminder to all who may be thinking about taking similar steps, a window into their own future.


19 February 2018

#zerowastejourney #growingmyself #selfsupport#thrive #thrivewithclarity #clearout#nurturing #fullcircle#nurturingvsconsumerism

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