Happy Birthday To Cindy Blackman Santana

“When we first met… well, we were briefly introduced at one point, we were both playing at a festival together. I was playing with Lenny Kravitz and of course he was with his band Santana, and I just might have seen him passing, I didn’t talk to him. And in 2010, he needed a subContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Cindy Blackman Santana”

Born On This Day: Cindy Blackman Santana

Happy birthday to Cindy Blackman Santana, a role model to all creators of beauty, a virtuoso, a person lit with passion, highly inspiring for her work and personal ethic, the embodiment of the sacred feminine on earth. May many follow her foot steps in their own fields. Listening to Cindy in concert this year wasContinue reading “Born On This Day: Cindy Blackman Santana”