Earth Send On 10 March 2023

Illustration by Delphine Balme. Visit her at

We are meeting in our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our reiki send.

Everyone who has asked for spiritual assistance and is ready to receive it is getting reiki in less than an hour.

People and animals in distress or without a roof over their head and no option to return to what used to be home are in our good thoughts. If you feel like offering lightwork to this group of people, know that it will be appreciated, even if you remain anonymous. It may not be necessary for your spiritual development to broadcast succor, love and light without getting credit for it, but it will speed up your evolution.

(I am an example of that. I do not only have a history of paying it forward and of years of sending reiki and lightwork freely. Although many wouldn’t know that, in times of crises, I am among the 5% of people who know how to act, and I end up being lucky in unexpected ways. I do not notice that happen to others, even to people I consider similar to me, and the pandemic years taught us how fragile everyone is and that trustworthiness, constancy and soundness are not exactly common.

What I have is the outcome of many decisions over a prolongued period of time, of steering away from contents I can not endorse and of generosity towards people who will never thank me. They don’t even know that I was the one who quietly sent them love. There was no transaction. I did it because I received guidance to do it.)

Having said that, the world is in turmoil. Maybe our inner circle feels good, but what is beyond it is stressed. It is good to cultivate an attitude of solidarity, empathy, neighbourliness and respect. All these disasters call us to rethink the future of our species, to repair our relationships and to continue the regeneration of the earth, and if regeneration of the earth is not your calling, to develop your service, your purpose.

At the same time, we are also here to savour the moments of bliss that life offers and to appreciate everything that we have been given. We forget often that so many things are being given to us, although we have neither earned nor worked for them.

In the most existential sense, our birth and our sustenance were gifts to us, too. We only know our birth as a gift after we wake up, and we only recognize sustenance as something that we are primarily receiving once we grow our food and come into a new relationship with the earth.

Please treat your goals for the year with reiki, too. May the blessings unfold for us all.

Just for today, we are holding the vision of peace and coexistence on our planet and well-being for everyone on it.

May peace prevail on earth.

I thank our newbies for your curiosity, good will and warm attitude about participating. It is always pleasant to have more people in this effort.

I want to let the reiki and love speak today.. I have a lot of news. I will add them to the next invitation letters.

Let your love flow.

10 March 2023

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