At Home In The Snow Storm On 23 December 2022

Home As A Representation Of Healthy Boundaries

Image credit to Pexel, Rubaitul Azad

“When we are at home with ourselves, we are at home everywhere in the world. When we have found peace within ourselves, peace and love follow us wherever we go.”

Eknath Easwaran

A heavy snow storm reminds me of an argumentative person without self-control who will take down everyone who dares to be in his, or her, path.

The people who wisely stay inside, entertain themselves behind solid walls, relying on the firm structures of the house and keep windows and doors closed, make love, clean up their rooms, meditate and simply turn away their gaze from the possible destruction and heavy winds outside and turn towards each other are an example of skill, self-protection, self-regard, positive opportunism, not fighting with elements beyond any one person’s power, of self-kindness and boundaries, in other words, of emotional intelligence.

Self-kindness offers some options of dealing with “a situation” even in wide-eyed to scary conditions.

Yesterday’s blizzard was monumental and super dramatic. There were local power outages, but my area was not affected. Knock on wood. A lot of snow fell, the extreme weather warning is still in place, but the worst is behind us.

I am not saying that this snow storm was unattractive. There is such a thing as feeling particularly alive while adrenaline rushes through your system… It takes understanding, or enough disillusionments perhaps, to discern stress that feels like a thrill from a rewarding way to spend your time, even while something else is trying to steal your attention, fun that can be had under the circumstances, and sanity.

Read between the lines as attentively as you feel benefits you. There are plenty of lessons about relationships thrown in here.

A blizzard is not just a blizzard. Ha ha!

24 December 2022

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