Dream Life Decoded

The people and the places showing up in your dreams are associations with specific experiences, feelings and information that your subconscious wants to bring to your attention.

Nightmares are indications that you should be removing yourself from a situation that is not healthy for you, while bland dreams may be invitations to look closer and read the fine print about the situation that the dream is suggesting (or maybe just a statement that you what you process at night is not overly heavy stuff) and romances in dreams are invitations to show more appreciation, zing and tributes to what thrills you in the wakeful state.

After you wake up, try to reconstruct the plot in your dream and ask yourself what the elements that you can recall represent.

Over time, you will find out that your subconscious is your devoted, alert friend and a reliable guide working “behind the scenes” to steer you toward a future that your conscious mind can not yet fathom.

To me, it is interesting that so many creatives get their inspiration from dreams or from meditation, and that the inspiration is not vague, but provides prominent elements of a product in the making or the completed product itself — a song, a poem, a fabric pattern, the correct procedure or composition in the project or the discovery they currently work on…

Dreams provide themes that require a closer look, endorse preferences, confirm funny feelings as legitimate, balance shortages, weigh options in ways that your mind may not be used to but benefits from taking in.

You can ask your subconscious to assist you with something that you are trying solve, advance, leave behind or initiate. The data that it has already gathered, without your conscious knowing, about the topics that you want more clarity on, will surprise you.

Our perception is vast and underexplored. In dreams and meditations, resistance to input and unconventional ways of knowing retreats. That can support satisfying, spunky and amazingly keen choices in the non-dreaming, non-meditative state.

10 September 2021

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