Some people consider sumac an invasive weed, others think of it as a culinary delicacy. The berries are immune boosters and vitamin bombs and can be used for sumacade and spices. The taste is warm, a bit citrusy, refreshing.

Don’t mistake these trees for the other sumac that grows inedible, toxic fruit. When sumac trees are younger, they resemble each other a lot, but once they mature, you can distinguish the fruits from each other clearly.

(I guess there is a parallel to humans in there somewhere. #bytheirfruityoucanknowthem.. Ahemm, hahahahaha.)

Sumac trees are tough and thrive in almost every climate, while looking elegant and a tad exotic. The ornamental value is obvious. A great choice for parks and low maintenance gardens. Foragers appreciate them, too.

11 September 2022

Sumac in September 2022
Sumac in September 2022

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