May Day

Taken in spring 2017

The ancestors observed this time of pleasure, procreation, connection to welcome the future, the descendants, in style, and to elevate passion, optimism, and confidence.
In almost every corner of the Northern hemisphere, this season was marked by fertility rites, marriage rituals, sacred sex, celebrations of new life that speak of gratitude to the earth that enables it, even nurtures it through similar processes among plants and animals.
Although most anti-ecstasy conspiracies by the dominant cultures of our time and of the eras of the past have been too successful, unfortunately, they didn’t find a formula to overcome nature and the body, feelings and sensations–and they won’t. Now that all those groups are in decay and dying, people can go back to well-being, to more harmony with nature, decolonize themselves, and set themselves free.

May this day be a highlight in your year.

Happy May Day.

1 May 2017

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