Healing Circle On Friday, 30 April 2021

Spring beauty 2021

This Friday, we are envisioning the end of the pandemic. 

This Friday, we are also sending out our gratitude and love to Life and healing to where it can be received. 

Reiki will go out from my end a few times today. 

My corner of the earth is greening up fast. Our province may be under a stay-at-home order, but I act on behalf of the future every day. I am not interested in the present confinement. I am interested in the projects I do and will do later in the year. There will be a harvest even of this time – be mindful of that: focus on what you can. 

May this Friday water all the best seeds in the soil and in us.

30 April 2021

#ReikiSend #EarthSend #allourrelations #Friday #RainbowTribeReiki #spring2021

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