Healing Circle On 26 March 2021

Our healing circle is happening all day, on 26 March. It is an opportunity to connect with your gratitude, with the earth and the elements, with your life force, with the seasonal growth.

Spring energizes many people to start new projects, to venture out of the usual routines, to get the body into better shape. It seems the easiest time to let go of everything that weighs you down and to rejuvenate both our bodies and our homes and to streamline and unclutter the place and schedules of work. Let yourself have more sunshine and water and fresh air than last year… and let your eyes rest a bit longer on everything green.

Hopefully the pandemic will be a memory next year at this time. In the meantime, use your time in ways that will serve you when life returns to its usual speed. The pandemic measures have affected everyone in different ways, but the introspection and thorough thinking that was available since 2020 was a refreshing break from being on autopilot and a rare chance to wonder what you want your life to stand for.

I am aware that not everyone used the last twelve months in this way, and that many people are less at peace because of their own tendencies — and that can be a wake-up call too. But if you are moving forward on your spiritual journey, there were plenty of occasions to become aware of what invigorates and inspires you and how you want to live and that indeed you can live like that.

May your Friday be smooth and lucky.

26 March 2021

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